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Massey Business School presents the 2020 Business ReBoot webinars. These explore the challenges of doing business in the time of Covid-19, and help provide some guidance and reassurance as we pivot to the new normal. Retail-focused webinars are taking place every Wednesday for six weeks. Find out below how to join live or watch previous webinars.

Business ReBoot webinars


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Strategic Transformation in Retailing

June 2019

The Strategic Transformation in Retailing short course provides a strategic look at the best methods to use in the highly competitive retail sector. We believe in learning by doing, so in this course you will learn through engaging case study discussions, hands-on activities, sharing insights with a diverse cohort, and immersive visits to leading New Zealand retailers and retail precincts.

Strategic Transformation in Retailing


As part of scholarship into the distributive and marketing trades, retail studies has played an integral part in building Massey’s longstanding and world-leading reputation in the areas of agriculture, agribusiness, and related fields since Massey was founded in 1928.


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