227.213 Introductory Veterinary Clinical Studies I (10 credits)

An introductory course in handling, examining, recording and interpreting findings in common species of domestic animals. Recognition of the normal animal, taking routine samples for diagnosis and problem based approach to diagnosis. Fundamentals of veterinary epidemiology; application of epidemiological principles to simple population medicine problems.

Note(s): This course is only available to BVSc Year 2 students. Students will be required to be at Massey University until the end of each semester. The Examination dates posted on the University Website do not include Practical or other SoVS organised examinations, most of which take place after the formal written examination. Travel plans should therefore be made on the basis of being at Massey until the semester end date unless and until the Undergraduate Programme Office advises that an earlier departure date will be permitted.

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  • Prerequisite(s):
    General Prerequisite: At least 45 credits from 100 level

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