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Prerequisites, corequisites and restrictions


A prerequisite is a course which must be completed to a defined standard before your enrolment in another course can be confirmed. Unless otherwise specified, the minimum grade required is ‘C’. For example the prerequisite for course 110.229 Management Accounting is 110.109 Introductory Financial Accounting. So you would have to have passed 110.109 before you could enrol in 110.229.

200-level courses usually have as a prerequisite the completion of a 100-level course, and 300-level courses have as a prerequisite the completion of a 200-level course. The fourth number in a course number represents the level of the course. For example, for course 219.306 the fourth number is a 3, so it is a 300-level course.

Some prerequisites require "Permission Head of Department, Head of School, or Programme Director". This means entry to this course is decided by the person specified. Before enrolling you should write to them, attaching documents describing your previous academic and/or work record, and supporting the application with a verified copy of your official academic record. However, do not delay in submitting your enrolment online while waiting for a reply.

Alternatively, when you are enrolling online upload a copy of the Head of Department, Head of School, or Programme Director’s letter granting permission or documents describing qualifications and work experience. You need to do this because the Enrolment Office may not have been informed that you have been granted permission and decline you in error.


A corequisite is a course you need to take in the same semester as another course, unless you have already passed it.

courses credited from study at another institution can be used as either pre- or corequisites, but only if the credit has already been formally granted and paid for.


Some courses, similar in content, are restricted against each other. Therefore you may not credit both courses to a qualification but may study either one course or the other.