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Bachelor of Science (Honours) (Chemistry)

Key facts

  • Available at Auckland
  • Available at Manawatū

Take your excellence and turn it into something more

If you are interested in further in-depth research, this qualification gives you the skills to progress to a PhD.

Find out more about the Bachelor of Science (Honours) parent structure.

What is it like?

Massey University’s Bachelor of Science (Honours) with a major in chemistry is a prestigious qualification for those that are interested in progressing to further, in-depth research. This postgraduate qualification will also give you a career advantage.

Globally-renowned expertise

Let our experts help you develop your own expertise.

Massey’s chemistry lecturers have an extensive range of experience and expertise across both organic and inorganic chemistry. The department also has strong links to related areas like biological science and material science. Massey’s focus on fundamental, natural and mathematical sciences means you will have access to a broad range of experts to assist you develop your own research and expertise.

Broad range of equipment and facilities

Unlike some other institutions you will have easy access to a range of techniques and equipment, making it easier to progress the research aspects of your study in a timely and comprehensive fashion. From a fluorescent spectrometer to a 500 and 700 MHz NMR instruments, we have the specialist equipment to help your research meet global standards.

Friendly environment - passionate scientists

There is a well-established community of fundamental scientists and students at Massey. We have a large active student group - the Fundamental Science Students Association (FUSSTA) - where we work together to share discoveries and research and provide peer support.

Why postgraduate study?

Postgraduate study is hard work but hugely rewarding and empowering. The Bachelor of Science with Honours will push you to produce your best creative, strategic and theoretical ideas. The workload replicates the high-pressure environment of senior workplace roles. Our experts are there to guide but if you have come from undergraduate study, you will find that postgraduate study demands more in-depth and independent study.

Not just more of the same

Postgraduate study is not just ‘more of the same’ undergraduate study. It takes you to a new level in knowledge and expertise especially in planning and undertaking research.

A good fit if you:

  • Are passionate about chemistry
  • Excelled in your undergraduate chemistry degree
  • Are interested in going on to more in-depth research, such as a PhD
Holly Scott
Environmental Scientist - BECA

“I think it’s important for us to look after the environment because what we have now won’t be what we always have in the future…”

I grew up rurally in a small town, so I spent lots of time with animals and playing outside. My schools were always involved in a variety of conservation projects, so it was always just something that was there. I noticed my passion for it specifically during my university studies because I found myself always working on projects that were somehow related to environmental applications.

Furthering our knowledge in science can offer us new insights into solving problems. That is one of the main reasons I love science so much – it really does help us get a deeper understanding of the world around us. We need to try to be more sustainable and look after our resources so that future generations can live in a world as good as the one that we are living in now.

The information that science can provide us through research is amazing. I think the greatest thing Massey helped me with, is simply to be yourself at work every day – to bring that passion. I don't want to be another person who works in the office and does all the same things. I want to bring my personality to work and Massey helped me foster that.


Setting you apart

An honours degree is a sign of your excellence and in-depth understanding of the field of chemistry. Should you pursue a career after qualifying, the Bachelor of Science with Honours with a major in chemistry will give you a head start on other potential employees with undergraduate degrees.

A step into further study

The honours programme also gives you the research and analytical skills you need to progress into further high-level research/study, such as at a PhD level.

Earn more

A 2017 Ministry of Education publication The post-study earnings and destinations of young domestic graduates, found that in New Zealand:

  • Young master’s graduates earn more than one and a half times more than the national median (five years after study)
  • Earnings and employment rates increase with the level of qualification completed
  • Five years after completion, the median earnings of young master’s graduates are 15% higher than for those with a bachelor’s degree.

World-leading lecturers

Massey’s chemistry staff are internationally renowned for their research and teaching and learning methods. You will be working with internationally-recognised chemistry specialists, for example:

Associate Professor Dr Gareth Rowlands

Dr Rowlands is originally from the UK, with a PhD from the Imperial College in London and a post-doctorate from Cambridge University.

He has a passion for organic synthesis and an interest in all aspects of organic chemistry. His research focuses on chirality and stereoselective synthesis in all its forms with a focus on the use of sulfoxides. His group was one of the first to report the use of sulfoxides in organocatalysis. Currently research in the Rowlands' group is concentrating on the synthesis of [2.2]paracyclophane derivatives and their use in the design of new ligands and catalysts.

He and his Massey University group have had many international and New Zealand-based collaborations including the founding of Synthodics Ltd, a company set-up in conjunction with Massey colleagues to research new organic energy storage materials.

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